This is from my perspective . So you the reader I ask take what resonates with you and discard what is not . I have been following in the last few years this aspect in myself and others . This aspect that makes no sense and so much sense . First messages on this topic that came to me I completely dismissed and refused to open it up. In time as I myself was going through a mysterious , beautiful, painful and so complexed encounter I began more and more to open up to what is referred to the Twin Flame journey . Along the years seeking answers for myself and knowing there is no "the one" and it is about the unfoldment and growth be it with one partner or many or none .all is about our growth , alignment and the return to our nature . When I met with this extraordinary encounter I was already awakened for many years and on my spiritual journey , however that brought deeper aspects and awakened further more . Life became more fascinating and yet the pain that was brought up, the pain of separation became more intense than ever before despite the work already done . Something I thought could not be as had my share of diving deep into the pain I held from this life and other reincarnations . This is what I have found on my explorations so far , As we emerge , born , created out of Source . Just as we are born here into a family in most cases whether we know those we are born to or not , so the analogy may resemble we are born into a family Father, mother , grandparents, siblings and metaphoric kindergarten , school like . to learn and grow. This is what is called Core Soul Family that may contain not more than 12 individuals-beings and no less than 3 . As we leave to explore ourselves , the Galaxy and All Creation we step on a journey of separation, separating from all we knew to go on an adventure of discovery what is out there , to explore, search and embark on the adventure.. Separating, separating, separating , than in times like this when we are ready to return to our core there will be monumental moments of Friends and Family from the other side that guide and direct us in various forms. One of this may be is actually meeting in the physical a Soul member of our core Soul family , however as many discovered it is not all glitter and sweet but brings up core wounds and patterns , programs that we lived by for many reincarnation most likely. surfacing to be healed for once and for all . I believe the form doesn’t matter but the function that person filled for us and themselves in this encounter. for it is not necessarily the person in itself but what arises through this encounter, connection and Cosmic Memory that mostly comes without words . Thus the Union all so yearning and many said it before me in actuality is the Union with ourselves and our lower , higher aspects the Whole that we are as we return to our natural state of being . Yes this may also be a trap at times as we need to learn to detach from the form and the physical expression and becoming integrated in our knowing that this encounter is about finding myself . the parts and pieces I discarded and held either in my Dark shadow or in my Light shadow . For there are many gifts and treasures, talents that we put aside instructing our unconscious and subconscious mind to never let me use it again . when these gifts expression resulted in great pain, trauma, abandonment , rejection , betrayal and humiliation etc… How the story ends as each is the author of their own story I don’t believe there is one outcome as each encounter and its purpose is unique and individual even though the larger purpose to awaken the purity of love , unconditional love and beyond . It serves its purpose when we lift ourselves or allow others to lift us from the physical perception of the linear line . Meeting healing uniting As that union has many shades and colors and fills the purpose of each one returning to themselves , their essence and core being in this lifetime and all lifetimes on this plane. This is not to discourage those anticipating and excepting a physical union with a particular someone , it may or may not be the purpose , unique to each individual and their creations out of their choices and what their Higher Self and Soul want for them to explore and grow into. And even though Soul contracts have been made prior to coming here , on this Earth plane everything can change and new choices are made . This is the power and freedom we each hold creating and recreating again and again and making new choices for our highest path . My personal choice to let go of suffer and struggle , I no longer willing to play the role of suffering for love. I have walked away from this paradigm where I have reinforced my low self esteem, value and worth . Gratefully to all that has been revealed to me I choose a different path of being loving and being loved with joy and glee , with ease and mutuality , grace and ease. and I put down the yard sticks of the consensus and the past of how one suppose to be loving For the martyr in us is playing a significant role in these encounters and once we are in our martyred self we can not be loving , martyrs are incapable of love . So once this aspect takes the role, the lead , love has gone out of the window . So in order to be able to hold love in my heart as fully as I can my choice was to remove myself from that reality . It is part of me and part of my journey that I have chose to let go and set all involved free . as this is and always be part of me , the purity of love. that now can be expressed and applied to any form or situation per my love, will and choice . It takes time in this dimension and it takes patience to heal these core wounds but the reward is receiving yourself and more fully accepting and loving self , becoming a presence of love that is more pure, refined and real. I wish all to reunite with the one they so purely , unconditionally love and more so within with greatest ease and joy. "Struggle is an act of will. Therefore , you can will not to struggle" ~Lazaris There is a wondrous and mysterious love that is beyond all words, all language , and all sound. Yet in the silence, it can be heard in every heart and can fill every mind . Love your-self enough to listen " ~Lazaris

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Healing Magic is a spontaneous healing , healing that happens in a moment no technique , no method , no structure needed and yet it may include it all . may come through any avenue . Healing Magic is sourced in love. beyond the expression of love that we know Of romantic love, parent - child love, sister - brother love etc.. A higher level love . sourced in beauty and the enchanted life - the knowing that everything is connected. sourced in mystery. May move through varies avenues & forms or none of it . Throughout our lives we have many of these moments when we allow . An ever moving current of growth and healing. In our society we have many perhaps countless methods for our healing whether physical , emotional, mental and spiritual . From most mundane therapies to most esoteric . From allopathy to Chinese medicine , varies Shamanic traditions , flower therapy , aromatherapy , homeopathic medicine and on and on . Some work ,some don’t , some forgotten or dismissed and many are outdated in my perception at where Humanity stands at this point . The evolution of consciousness and species needs the evolution of medicine to help us come to greater understanding and alignment Which is sprouting and beginning to flourish at this time . Healing Magic was brought here from the beyond of our planet and its healing systems . It is a gift ! The Greater understanding of the role we play in our reality . Magic is the conscious awareness of my reality creation not only a participant but a direct source of my reality , how I create & co create whether by allowing or creating . An understanding of the forces/energies that lead me in the dance , the flow of life or lack of it . So I can move beyond my current limited perceptions and live life from the greater perception of myself , my impact and aspirations . Magic happens outside of our view ~ which lifts us to a new space of being , gradually , gently according to our pace and cadence . Just a slightest degree of change in perception may change and encompass it all , the wheel turns differently . It is wide and deep according to the individual , their Higher Self and Soul's will for them . That is the nature of Healing Magic when we are more conscious and allow its flow Beyond all logic without forgetting logic . Beyond all reason without abandoning all reason Each one holds all the power they need , each one is a powerful creator and each one is a magician-healer of their reality. however those powers lie mostly dormant as if out of reach and need to be awakened in each . each one holds the power to their own reality creation while we are all connected and co creating . each is a part of the greater alignment with our fellow travelers on Earth and beyond . Our team on the other side is always with us . any malady is a whisper from my Higher Self , something that is pointed out to me where I need more love and more healing . Healing Magic is beyond any technique or method but a deep or deeper connection with the Unseen Worlds all around us of our Higher Self , Soul, Guides , our Family from the other side , the Nature that is all around us and The Divine . A deeper connection and a deeper allowance to receive what is my right . Magic is what is beyond our view , beyond our capacity of understanding from the logical mindset world we all born into . It is the experience of all that is and all that we actually yearn to but taught to be afraid of and not to trust . The magic of life , the magic in us and all around us . once we heal something in us it means there is less of it in the world literally and exponentially . we have reduced that part - we took out our part of the equation so the resonance of that issue , malady can change now. however slightly or vast there is a movement in us, in our world and the world. One has impact on it all , that is the power each one holds within. Healing Magic is From the hands of God , from the heart of Goddess , of All That Is .[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]