[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Healing Magic is a spontaneous healing , healing that happens in a moment no technique , no method , no structure needed and yet it may include it all . may come through any avenue . Healing Magic is sourced in love. beyond the expression of love that we know Of romantic love, parent - child love, sister - brother love etc.. A higher level love . sourced in beauty and the enchanted life - the knowing that everything is connected. sourced in mystery. May move through varies avenues & forms or none of it . Throughout our lives we have many of these moments when we allow . An ever moving current of growth and healing. In our society we have many perhaps countless methods for our healing whether physical , emotional, mental and spiritual . From most mundane therapies to most esoteric . From allopathy to Chinese medicine , varies Shamanic traditions , flower therapy , aromatherapy , homeopathic medicine and on and on . Some work ,some don’t , some forgotten or dismissed and many are outdated in my perception at where Humanity stands at this point . The evolution of consciousness and species needs the evolution of medicine to help us come to greater understanding and alignment Which is sprouting and beginning to flourish at this time . Healing Magic was brought here from the beyond of our planet and its healing systems . It is a gift ! The Greater understanding of the role we play in our reality . Magic is the conscious awareness of my reality creation not only a participant but a direct source of my reality , how I create & co create whether by allowing or creating . An understanding of the forces/energies that lead me in the dance , the flow of life or lack of it . So I can move beyond my current limited perceptions and live life from the greater perception of myself , my impact and aspirations . Magic happens outside of our view ~ which lifts us to a new space of being , gradually , gently according to our pace and cadence . Just a slightest degree of change in perception may change and encompass it all , the wheel turns differently . It is wide and deep according to the individual , their Higher Self and Soul's will for them . That is the nature of Healing Magic when we are more conscious and allow its flow Beyond all logic without forgetting logic . Beyond all reason without abandoning all reason Each one holds all the power they need , each one is a powerful creator and each one is a magician-healer of their reality. however those powers lie mostly dormant as if out of reach and need to be awakened in each . each one holds the power to their own reality creation while we are all connected and co creating . each is a part of the greater alignment with our fellow travelers on Earth and beyond . Our team on the other side is always with us . any malady is a whisper from my Higher Self , something that is pointed out to me where I need more love and more healing . Healing Magic is beyond any technique or method but a deep or deeper connection with the Unseen Worlds all around us of our Higher Self , Soul, Guides , our Family from the other side , the Nature that is all around us and The Divine . A deeper connection and a deeper allowance to receive what is my right . Magic is what is beyond our view , beyond our capacity of understanding from the logical mindset world we all born into . It is the experience of all that is and all that we actually yearn to but taught to be afraid of and not to trust . The magic of life , the magic in us and all around us . once we heal something in us it means there is less of it in the world literally and exponentially . we have reduced that part - we took out our part of the equation so the resonance of that issue , malady can change now. however slightly or vast there is a movement in us, in our world and the world. One has impact on it all , that is the power each one holds within. Healing Magic is From the hands of God , from the heart of Goddess , of All That Is .[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]