Through the tunnel, the birth canal once more on this planet in this family of Earth.
Of Gaia and all her inhabitants , back home, another home, an other home .
Much of my being, my light remained on my home star Sirius.  While part of me enthusiastically reincarnated, eager for this mission, for this task, being a part, a particle in this moment of human evolution and the evolution of a species , of a whole planet. Evolution always happens but this time is unique and different.
Indeed we are in an exciting times on Earth beyond what we can imagine this was embedded in me since childhood no words , no understanding but something in me knew before I knew.
In the late 90’s I became more awake and awakened by my Unseen Friend Lazaris .  There are moments in life that are meant to be , no matter how one is off track or oblivious , there are moments that will find us and redirect us just in the right time and the right place.  This was one of the monumental moments if not the moment of my Great Awakening.
At that moment of awakening by Lazaris everything fell into place and I began to find myself , to truly find myself.{so at least I thought so, as all has just begun..}
After the rush , the ecstasy of initial awakening and finding oneself, finding home and finding answers and affirming what one knows in his heart of hearts with no words that defy all the ways of the world as we currently know.
After the ecstatic illumination comes the real digging all the knowledge and information , all the inner work all now needs to be absorbed and worked , information of times past and times future. The training of the awaken healer-teacher magician has begun.
At this crossroads one comes to , I have chosen to quit my job becoming a career and quit everything to go on an inner search, research & exploration. Leaving my home , moving to another country and absorbing knowledge and information like a computer non stop , I had to catch up on over decades of material of those that awakened before me and their maps that are already laid for me , for us , for Humanity. Exploration of the Conscious, Unconscious, Subconscious and my Higher Conscious minds.
The phase , face of the Soul , that stage that is called the shadow work has begun at this stage.
What I thought would be a break from life for awhile became my life work.
Swimming in the realm of metaphysics ,mystery and mysticism discovering , exploring remembering – putting back the pieces Self , self & of reality creation .
A conscious reality creation. Remembering the gifts , the treasures lost in the shadow to be resurrected and retrieved and casting those no longer for the highest good ,with harm to none.  The Great Adventure has begun from this point on nothing could have been ever the same again.
Living the re enchanted life in a world that forgot its own enchantment became my destiny. Throughout life our destiny , the resonance of our destiny always beams at us, beckons us. The destination of an enchanted world and greater beauty , love and mystery , the mystery that is born of silence, of solitude.

Sacred life in a modern world was a paradox , an ambiguity to live by.  The multidimensional living and its balance in a world that demands so much of our attention and energy to a world that dances with us a slow , sensual dance of lovers.

I live now a multidimensional life , different worlds at the same time consciously .
A world within a world within a world was my vision as I was playing with my doll at the age of 9 , sitting there on the floor , time has stopped for a moment and I saw a world within a world within a world , and I knew there at the age of 9 there is something so much greater and I am going to discover it. I am discovering it and so are you for otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.
My dedication and my passion is conscious evolution that is done consciously , we are directing our own evolution consciously …
From a life where mystery had been cast aside and imagination dismissed , I now live my enchanted life , where everything and it all is connected , through this connection I provide my service here. Over two decades of awakening consciousness, consciously. Remembering to put back the pieces of what I have brought with me , the gifts and talents of healing , guiding and directing others through their own evolutionary process and all that it takes. Healing is the art of bringing one’s self into a greater alignment with their inner aspects child , adolescent , ego I and all the Greater aspects of ourselves.
Awakening or deepening the relationship , the connection with their Higher Self and Soul .  And the sky has no limit clearing the cobwebs and clearing the lenses through which we view ourselves and through which we view life.
Honing and sharpening your gifts and talents so your light can shine more brightly than ever before.
My first reincarnation on Earth was a land that we forgot , the land of Lemuria. Now my last reincarnation on this planet ending a full cycle with the birth of The New World , Lemuria Be. it is for me. My work , my mission in co creation with each one of you and All Creation , Everyone is part of me, my consciousness and everyone has a role for otherwise wouldn’t choose to be here at this pivotal point of Creation. We are creating the New World , bringing it into manifestation ,giving birth to it. While we are being created at the same moment Creating and created. My goal is to help you , ease you of the load you carry or think you ought to carry , for creation is a matter of beauty , of joy and peace
Of Exhilaration and serenity , of inspiration
I am here to explore and discover it with you
This is the moment of creation in its fullest and most bizarre peculiar times , I was well trained for this moment by my Higher Self and Soul by my Unseen Friends , my Galactic family & friends ,Faerie Magicians Friends , The Angelic Realm , the Nature Spirits and Gaia herself ,
The Divine
The Goddess
And All That Is
My apologies if I missed someone

these are the many voices that come as One .

My work is to listen 

With All My Love & Light ,