After two decades of working on my inner metamorphosis from the caterpillar stage of consuming all the leaves ,flowers & branches , all the light information and the Information of Light, Reaching the larva , the womb where all magic & creation happens – out of sight .

The solitude and hermit mode in our physical expression resulted in a whole new being , not different but a complete metamorphosis when the butterfly is emerging out of the alchemical process , new structure , new form , new neuronal pathways that create an entirely new being. A process of lifetimes condensed in this one life .

I want to share this with you what does it mean to direct your own evolution for you wherever you are in your life and growth. To walk together a mile or two or more so you may with greater ease drop what burdens you and rise above what you currently know in all your bodies .

Giving birth to something beautiful together as subtle as can be or greater. according to your pace and cadence , your will and love for yourself and your Higher Self and Soul’s will for you .

Whether we meet physically , cyber or ethereally the impact of the guidance & the healing is non local . Meaning not bound by space. We communicate to your multidimensional being and directing the healing magic to your wholeness and holiness .
My aim , my goal for everyone I interact with to become more powerful in their own authority , their path of enlightenment be it an issue , a malady or the spiritual enlightenment They seek.
To come to their own power of healing , of choice , of making decisions that empower them and reinforce their self love. To find the core or a core of power so may move forward on their path not only reassured but stronger , more powerful , self assured and happy in your steps .
The true power
[not the false we currently know in our world]
that lies within for many years or lifetimes , lies dormant .
That we casted out from varies reasons , or was taken or stolen or just relinquished it allover our life .
Time to take back our power and use it wisely & lovingly.

The base of my work and I believe of any growth practice is working , loving , healing and connecting or reconnecting at a deeper level with our inner child where all fears stems from . And reconnecting with our inner adolescent , our inner panicked adolescent especially in these times of growth and evolution .

Listening ,clarifying , tuning to the differ in the voices with in . so we can listen to our Higher guidance with greater clarity rather the voices of our smaller self aspects .

Healing Magic is expressed through me in many ways , can be a painting , a poem , chanting , a potion , astral travel ,dialogue , jewelry , crystal magic , 1:1 work in person and other ways that I feel inspired by .