First I say this ~ everyone is a healer of their own life .

However for this ability that lies dormant mostly can be awakened , activated and realigned through other healing practitioners in times of need or want. Being a conduit of healing energy as many paths of service and destiny is about choosing it consciously as well as being chosen. In my early years of adolescent something called me , a knowing that if I put my palms on a place of hurt , that will do it.
It will ease the pain . at that time I had no idea that just by my presence things are moved, changed and healed.

Many years later after exploring varies avenues of profession when I embarked on my true calling . I was studying in the College for Alternative Medicine , one of the many schools started to pop out like mushrooms after the rain in the late 90’s in Tel Aviv . The place I was residing at the time. I knew after all the years of searching I am closer than ever to what was calling me and I could not identify .

One morning waking up from most vivid night dream I knew it , what I knew all along and couldn’t find any words for. I was in a giant Crystal Cave standing on a plateau with my palms up pointed to the ceiling with 100 feet tall or more clear quarts crystals generators . I turned my palms down and now it was energized by the clear quartz crystal generators that were coming from down below of my plateau. In that morning I woke up happier and lighter than ever with the knowing I am a healer. And so the journey of remembering truly begun.

At first I was more focused on physical ailments and adjustment of the body with stunning miracles happening with those I worked with. So stunning to me that I had to take a step back , it scared me.

Now, the real journey of the healer was set in motion of putting back the pieces , how & why I was born to both parents that went through the holocaust and living in a neighborhood that so many survived the holocaust and , living in a place trot in fear , violence and endless traumatic events of terror.  And my own health issues since birth that never had any mainstream medical response to it.

Looking back at my life and the signs that were all over the place. My function and energy became more and more apparent. It was the time to learn , to balance ,to work with these energies in harmony. The refining is a step by step process that is quiet never ending for there is always more to it .like in any mystical , metaphysical exploration. I have moved a lot , I felt the urge , the need to continually moving to varies places in the country I lived in, and varies places in the world. Healing became the main focus & work wherever I felt guided to move to .

Being of service in this capacity we are not always understanding what we are doing , we may be put in a location we are oblivion about the happenings however our body vehicle and our consciousness is of service transmuting , transforming continually energies with or without our awareness. Of course as one grows in their conscious awareness so the process becomes more and more elegant and without the bombardment of energies that running rampant in us around us and we are not quiet understanding how to direct it in a more elegant ways .

At time of Mastery and when this becomes the artistry , an artisan of healing is of a certain purity and clarity in their conduitship .

I am creating the space where others can more easily access their own natural healing ability and being a conduit for their Higher Self and Guides and what needs to be delivered in that moment in space time , from the beyond space time .

In the space created there are many that gathered my guides and yours , the space is crowded with the benevolent forces of the Universe and the Spirits of nature to assist us to come into the greater alignment within and with ease and grace. Gentle does it .

My personal belief is gentleness , no rough edges though sometimes needed but healing that comes through gentleness , One’s Soul that comes through these energies of tenderness and gentleness. The feminine aspect.

Being a conduit can flow through varies shapes and forms , through artistic expressions of the poem , musician, philosopher or painter and can come through none , for it is non local and can flow through varies avenues .