Healing is an energy as all in the realm of energy not something we can sense with our familiar senses. We need to tap into , to open up to our unfamiliar senses. The sense of light , not seeing light but it is a sense , I sense the light within you. I sense the life , life force running in you.
The sense of warmth , neither hot or cold but a sense of warmth in another or a thing , an object. The sense of movement , nothing is moving but there is a sense of movement . We don’t see our children grow or the flower opening but there is a movement that is happening without moving. I hear your voice , no not spoken in words but there is a voice .the tree , the rock has a voice .
The sense of voice . Our maladies be it emotional, mental , physical or spiritual have a voice. And the two other senses that are the bridge between the familiar and unfamiliar senses. The sense of imagination a living breathing imagination
And the sense of balance these two are carrying us into the unfamiliar senses
From the physical of touch ,scent , hearing ,tasting.

These senses are the senses we open up and use more and more when we are in the realm of energy , which is all around us and everything. Healing energy as the nature of energy may be present in many and various forms , it can be through sound or touch or nothing at all , nothing we can identify. Healing happens in a moment. It can be a process of many moments but happens in a moment.

However the spectrum of intensity and directed to core and source issue is varied according to the advances practitioner ,their knowing to work & move energy , and the openness at the receiving end.

Healing is a never ending story like our journey , a journey with many beginnings but no end. As healing is the breath and kiss of the Divine itself , our Higher Self and all those surrounding us in the Spirit Realms.

Whether an allopathic medicine , surgery healing energy is there beyond the physics It was summoned by the being that intends to heal. To a moment of healing magic as if and is by magic our problem , malady is gone. Healing is non local meaning we can be apart on different sides of the globe and yet healing happens once directed and intended always with permission from the receiver , group or their Higher Self.

However in order to allow and create the path of healing we need to dive in into ourselves for any and all maladies are whispers or shouts of our Higher Self and Soul showing us where we need to pay attention ,realize , acknowledge in order to incorporate healing and change .

The ultimate goal for each individual to learn for themselves, to identify for themselves and to know their own ability to heal themselves together with their Higher Self and Soul.
All are healers of their own lives .